Non-commercial partnership Television for deaf.
Abbreviations: NP TV for deaf.
Date: 27 December 2000.
8 October 2000 went on the air for the first time in Russia channel called Kaleidoscope News on the International Day of the Deaf.
Spassky Alexey.
Spasskaya Natalia
Legal persons:
State Broadcaster NNTV.
Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast regional governance VOG.
Associate member of NAT.
Nominee Grants:
Soros Foundation;
party United Russia;
New Day (Rossbanka, UNICEF and CAF).
Participants in the International Congresses.
Description of the project Deaf for TV
In Russia, home to more than 13 million people with hearing impairment, but in the Nizhny Novgorod region of more than 31 thousand. Of these, about one thousand - children. Deaf are deprived of many things available to ordinary people: the freedom to choose the profession of normal human communication. But there is another serious problem: people are deprived of hearing, have been virtually deprived of the chief source of information and one of the major modern cultural institutions - television. This problem is particularly acute in the Nizhny Novgorod region.
In Nizhny Novgorod TV absolutely no cultural, educational, journalistic, educational, children's programs, which could take the deaf. Naturally, this state of affairs can not meet the information and, more importantly, the cultural needs of hearing people. In addition, the deaf to that particular perception of the world, which is very different from the perception of hearing. Consequently, and television programs for the deaf must be different, have a special expressive means.
Aware of this situation, Aleksey Spassky came the idea of creating a TV for the deaf. He formed a group of 8 people, later in April 2000 took a full course at the School of Television Mastery Practice Nina Zvereva.
The transfer, under the title Kaleidoscope News, first went on the air at the Nizhny Novgorod State Regional teleradiostudii NNTV 8 October 2000, on the International Day of the Deaf.
Each channel is transmitted using three languages: Russian speaking (and reading the subtitles), sign languages and kalkiruyuschaya it.
This special program allows people with hearing disorders:
become less isolated from one of the most powerful sources of information - television;
be aware of the political, economic and cultural life of society.
Creating a program has the following objectives: to improve the cultural and aesthetic level of citizens, their intellectual abilities, thorough mastery of sign language, the acquisition of freedom and inner confidence personality.
The most important thing is that the Kaleidoscope News helps to adapt to people with hearing disabilities opportunities to difficult life situations. It provides them with social support.

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